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Immerse yourself in healthy simplified living!

Entropy Pawsed is a nature-linked low energy living demonstration site in a rural remote valley of the Yew Mountains, 25 miles north of beautiful historic Lewisburg, West Virginia. Entropy Pawsed utilizes the principles of Permaculture and Deep Ecology to seek Earth harmonious ways of living.  We offer educational programs to those interested in the potential for beauty and elegance in a healthier, simplified lifestyle. If you are tired of endless consumption and constant competition, or just know somehow, deep down, that life should be different, we can help.


Panther Camp Creek valley.  Entropy Pawsed just left of and below center

Entropy Pawsed awaits your visit

  • Day Trip
  • Camp on the beautiful, wild grounds
  • In 2009, stay in our guest lodge

Love for all,

-The Freeschool Community Collective

Love, Peace. Solidarity,

-The Radical Freeschool Radio Show Collective

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Ciao to Ko Tao

Dear friends,

Below is another letter sent to a member of the freeschool from a friend and a great activist in a far away place.  She gave us permission to share this with everyone.

Love. Solidarity, Peace, Freedom,

-Freeschool Community Collective


I am sitting in an internet cafe. It's fairly nondescript and just as good as any of the other 35 internet cafes at the pier but I usually come here because I love the young woman who runs it. She has a smile that is so sweet.
It's dark...It's 8:36. Cheesy Thai disco music blasts from a shop across the street and motorbikes whisk past at random intervals. People laughing, people shouting, people not saying anything at all pass in couples or alone. This is Mae Hat the pier town of Ko Tao, the island I have been living on for over a month now---divng and sunning myself.
During the day there is a bi tmore action. Products of every category..fruits..diving suits...fans..packaged noodles..are unloaded from 5 in the morning until late at night. Boats come in and out unloading divers and travellers alike. The streets are lined with souvenir shops, tiny markets, fruit stands, internet cafes, restaurants of every variety, book exchange shops and of course many places offering the same "Boat, bus, visa run, combined ticket" choices. For some reason I absolutely love this place.
I haven't actually seen this entire small island. I have seen only small parts of it on land and I have seen a lot of the oceans surrounding it. There are fish and coral and other forms of life that if Id idn't see it for myself I would have never believed existed. I have seen sharks and the tiniest of fish. I have seen parts of the world that not everyone sees and for this oppurtunity I am eternally grateful.
When you stay somewhere so long it is very hard ot pull yourself away. I have made many friends at teh resort and outside of it, and I will miss them dearly. I cannot wait to return next year to do my divemaster.
I was trying to decide what was it exactly that had made me decide to stay in this one place so long: I went through many combinations...

Was it the gecko who screamed his love song from the same corner of my bungalow three times everynight? Was it the amazing people..Thai, Burmese, German, Spanish and American alike? Was it the slightly crazed captains of the diving boats who were always so happy to see me and scream some of the few english words they knew at random times "Party!" "Whale SHark!"? Was it my cold shower (sorry it was sometimes slightly warm for the first 20 seconds) in my grungy pastygreen tiled bathroom that cooled my sunburn and rinsed me off the ocean salt at the end of the day? I went through everything and then realized..that I have never been happier in a place before. for all the good and bad I made my home here for a month for good reason and I am returning soon enough.
So for now I say Ciao to Ko Tao and I will miss it and its people dearly .
On to other beaches and oceans...
I tried to update some of my pictures but it's not quite working so I have attatched some


NatashaO38: My friend Annie from Greece in Mae Hat Pier

Natasha056:view from one of the dive sites

Natasha063: view from the bungalow I had for a month


Natasha076: me, for anyone who misses my silly faces and doubts that I am alive :-)


The Beauty of the Sea

Dear friends,

Below is a letter sent to a member of the freeschool from a friend and a great activist in a far away place.  She gave us permission to share this with everyone.

Love. Solidarity, Peace, Freedom,

-Freeschool Community Collective


Hey darlings,
I've finally had a break in scuba diving world, because I have OVER-scuba dives and how have blisters on my feet from the fins. Oh well I guess I needed a rest so I will really appreciate it when I can finally go again.
I have to say I am on a role with the scuba diving. It is completely absorbing my attention and passion. I find myself drawing fish accidentally, I go to sleep at night and I feel the ocean rocking beneath me. When I remember my dreams, they always involve scuba diving..and my nightmares involve me missing out on scuba diving because I was late to the boat or something...Geez I'm a woman obsessed.
I am obsessed for a good reason though. The beauty you see underwater is incomparable to anything else I have experienced. It's harmonious, shocking, and mind-blowing. The colors, the life, the feeling of being underwater is just becoming a quickly enveloping passion.
I have seen a shark, anenome fish ducking in and out of their home, pufferfish, stingrays, Christmas trees (yes, underwater), gropers, butterflyfish, angelfish, barracuda and so many more forms of life that I don't even know the name of yet.
The island that I am on is tiny enough to feel at home and I now know hte inside and outs of the main pier, nevermind that I am quickly becoming quite balanced on the edge of a boat.
Two days ago, I went Night diving which is as freaky as it sounds. It's scary but the desire to see what scuba diving is like with barely any light overcomes any fear. you have light, one dive light each. To be honest htey aren't that big and I am glad I was going with a scuba instructor that I really trusted and he knew the area well enough for me to feel calm about it. We saw a small wreck--a rusted catamaran--which was a little spooky at night. Many huge fish were resting inside sleeping peacefully rocking with the water.
We also  turned off our dive lights when we were settled on a sandy bottom and played with the bioluminescent algae. Truly wonderful. You wave your hands and sparks go off all around you wherever the movement happened. We sat around in a dark circle waving our hands around wildly and laughing into our regulators (it souded liek gurgle gurgle but we understood what everyone was feeling).
That was truly an amazing night--of conquering fear and seeing animals you don't usually see in the day...like the pufferfish which are incredibly cute with their puffy lips and big eyes.
I also have tried my hand at underwater photography which is quite fun although a bit frustrating. The fact is: fish move. you are just about the take a picture and the fish is gone. You have to sense where it is going and plan ahead. Like my friend said: It's like taking a picture of running horses you have to put the camera way in front so that by the time they are there you are ready. Except the fish go around in circles and dont' move in a straight line. Even When you are taking a picture of something still, like coral or Christmas trees (I'm sure you can tell what thye are in the photos) you are moving. This is part of my fine tuning my buoyancy underwater and precisely regulating my breathing. It's hard but it helps tremendously because you will just be ready to take a picture and you start floating away...it's great fun and slightly frustrating, but I will only get better with practice.
I have also had my first angry moment underwater, trying to make a square with a compass. It is simple--because I understand know--I just wasn't watching the needle in the right place. Being underwater is really the safest place for angry people because you can't sware or comunicate very much and if you are throwing your fists around there is nothing to hit but water. You can't even punch that hard because the water slows your momentum. I eventually figured it out after communicating frustrated messages on an underwater slate...and floating away while doing so..:-)
In the past two days, I haven't been doing much..drawing fish and waiting to get back into the water...it feels so empty without diving. I have  tried to work on my tan but the results arent' so obvious, plus it gets a bit boring when you can't dip in and out of the water. you are just sweating over yourself waiting till you can go in the shade.
Ahh I can complain, but honestly I am having the best time of my life. I have found many passions here, and I am sur eI will return and get my liscence as a dive instructor. But first I will have to make many many more dives, but it's not so painful discovering the beauty of the sea.
For now, from Ko Tao.
The pictures are of anenome fish(fish peaking over the tentacles), butterfly fish--who always travel in couples(the yellow ones), CHristmas trees (the close-up of little furry things) and just a photo of coral and damselfish surrounding it. I couldn't download the photo that my friend took of me underwater but I will try to send one when I underwater photograph again.


RFR Show #5 - Raise Your Voice

Dear friends,

You can listen to the third broadcast of our radio show by clicking here.


This is the Open Mic Event hosted by the Radical Freeschool Radio Show.  The next Open Mic Event will take place on March 22nd from3pm-5pm at the Freeschool Community, 610 Columbia Street. Olympia, WA. 

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
  --  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Love, Peace. Solidarity,

-The Radical Freeschool Radio Show Collective

To learn more about free classes offered at the freeschool please visit:

Articipatory Music and other weird things
by Jessica Corey-Butler, Oct 11, 2007

Last weekend Articipatory Music happened at the Olympia Community Free School during "A giant party for a better world," the Love, Imagine, Network, Kindness (LINK) Symposium, an extension of "A World Beyond Capitalism," The Third Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference. An activist folk music collective called Riotfolk performed and a Secret Cafe fund raiser was held, benefiting a residential permaculture project. And eight people created compositions, but not made out of notes and played on flutes and guitars.


Articipatory Music was an idea originally born when it's facilitator (and creator) Michael Gaiuranos attended a summer session with the School for Designing a Society, held on Patch Adam's Gesundheit! Institute in West Virginia.

Initially, Gaiuranos thought he was going there to compose music with the experimental musicians associated with cybernetics.

The second time he attended the school, he recalls, "I knew I was aiming for something else." He credits the school for "encouraging me to do weird things."

As such, he feels his extrapolation of one exercise he had learned where participants composed responses, one inane and one an elaborate ideal, and then negotiated within larger groups.

"That was the really really really interesting part," Gaiuranos remembers, adding, "How do you negotiate your Utopia?"

His original idea for Saturday's event was to have his participants "compose ideal conversation in the context of Utopian ideal society."

As it panned out on Saturday, however, Gaiuranos thinks possibly the amount of time allotted -- two hours -- might have been inadequate for carrying out his idea. As it was, the discussion elicited positive responses, as well as some lasting visual cues for Gaiuranos.

In one activity, the "art lube," intended to open minds to a more creative direction, the group was asked to compose a five-second response to the word purple. One individual created a response that alluded to the liberation of kidney beans from a can. Another had a boy observing the emperor's purple testicles -- a wry observation about the notion of purple as royal, noted Gaiuranos.

Now, Gaiuranos admits his associations of the word purple will forever include that image, as well as Donny Osmond, Alice Walker and Prince.

Gaiuranos, who says, "I compose, but mostly I write -- wallow in the self indulgence of it all," has side jobs directing tarot card reading seminar (for free, at the Free School), as well as conducting writing seminars (not for free).

He also whiles away second Mondays of each month with the Northwest Playwrights Alliance, explaining, "Hanging out with them gives me a reason to write."

With the group's encouragement, Gaiuranos has completed a 100-page full-length play; his immediate plans are to "sit around like a fat lazy cat and wait for the next inspiration to strike."

He'll bring the second Articipatory Music to the second portion of A World Beyond Capitalism in Seattle.

For more information, go to http://www.aworldbeyondcapitalism.org/awbc.html or e-mail mailto:snow_leopard@comcast.net

From its humble beginning in 1989, the Capitol Land Trust has been key in staving off development on 41 special places in South Sound totaling more than 2,800 acres.Click here to find out more!

And the nonprofit group that appeals to people from all walks of life and political persuasions still is busy trying to keep ahead of the bulldozers and suburban sprawl, pursuing protection for another 2,500 acres of marine shoreline, forested wetlands, South Sound estuaries and other undisturbed areas vital to fish, wildlife, water quality and peace of mind.

The land trust uses all of the tools in the book to keep natural areas natural, leveraging state grants and private donations to purchase property from willing sellers or negotiate conservation easements that allow private property owners to live on their land, but keep the developers permanently at bay.

As I drove to the Capitol Land Trust's fourth annual conservation breakfast earlier this week at Saint Martin's University's Worthington Center, I had plenty of visual reminders of South Sound growth and development and memories of a less hectic, pastoral time when Thurston County was home to fewer than 60,000 people.

To reach the breakfast, I traveled down College Street, just ahead of the morning rush-hour traffic that clogs the four-lane road that runs north-south through the heart of Lacey.

As a young teen, I remember cutting firewood with my father in what seemed like a never-ending forest next to a one-lane, rutted road. This was the southern end of today's College Street.

Near the intersection with Yelm Highway was a Christmas tree plantation where Lowe's sits today. A dairy farm down the road - where my father, a veterinarian, treated the milk cows - became the Capitol City Golf Course and housing development.

I thought about the tentacles of growth radiating from what was once the tiny village of Lacey as I drove to the Capitol Land Trust breakfast fundraiser, an event where the pro-growth and no-growth factions check their guns at the door and rally around the community benefits of protecting valuable open space and habitat in a nonregulatory way.

"Conservation is the concern of all of us," Capital Land Trust board president Pene Speaks said succinctly. "It's not a partisan issue."

Fromhold was instrumental in securing $100 million last year for the state's Wildlife and Recreation Program, a pot of money that the land trust has dipped into to conserve South Sound special places. That's double the typical two-year budget for the program.

"Don't let go of that

Swecker, a recent graduate of The Evergreen State College's master's program in environmental studies, talked about the need to work with landowners who are willing to go that extra mile to be good stewards of their land.

Homestreet Bank also was recognized for its longtime support of Capital Land Trust efforts.

The master of ceremonies for the breakfast was former Secretary of State Ralph Munro, an active member of the land trust and someone whose standing as a South Sound mover and shaker might be unparalleled, especially in his ability to forge unique partnerships around conservation and civic projects.

By the time I left the breakfast, I once again was convinced that the Capitol Land Trust is the most successful soldier in the never-ending battle to keep sprawl from spilling into the environmentally sensitive places that continue to make South Sound a wonderful place to grow up, raise a family, work and - I hope - retire some day.


The below excerpt is from teh Article originally published by The Olympian on March 2nd, 2008 by John Dodge. John Dodge is a senior reporter and Sunday columnist for The Olympian.

This below story was written by Owen Taylor
and Originally titled:  The real story behind the Evergreen Riot

It first appeared in the Volcano Weekly.

Members of the Radical Freeschool Radio Show were at that Dead Prez Show and had a radio broadcast about the riot available online.  To listen to that Radio Broadcast and to see photos and read an article written about it by a member of the Radical Freeschool radio Show Collective, please click here.

==========================Start of Story-======================================

EVERGREEN RIOT: Kaylen Williams reflects on his Valentine’s Day life massacre.

On Valentine’s Day, Kaylen Williams, a 24-year-old chef, had a bad feeling in his gut all day. He had hoped it was just butterflies in the stomach. The handsome, single man was on his way to a much-anticipated V-Day concert, where plenty of eligible bachelorettes would be dancing to the revolutionary rhythms of Dead Prez, a popular and politically charged underground hip-hop duo that would be making a rare West Coast appearance.

Had Williams known what was to come, he might well have stayed home.

You see, later that night Williams found himself at the center of a riot at The Evergreen State College, staring out the windows of a police cruiser from the eye of a hurricane and watching it build momentum. Williams was arrested on the word of a volunteer security guard for something he says he had nothing to do with. His arrest triggered what would come to be known as the Evergreen Riot.

Unless you live under a rock or outside the blogosphere of Western Washington, you are no doubt aware that the Feb. 14 Dead Prez concert at The Evergreen State College ended with a Thurston County Sheriff’s patrol car flipped onto its roof with the windows smashed out and several witty slogans spray painted on it. Sheriff’s Lt. Christopher Mealy said four patrol cars were damaged at an estimated cost of $35,000 to $50,000. Since then, a storm of rhetoric has been issued by the Sheriff’s Department, the college, and every hippie and conservative with access to the Internet. Evergreen has banned concerts indefinitely, too. Most accounts, however, have suspiciously ignored the circumstance and events leading up to the riot.

Evergreen police have declined to comment about the case.

Luckily, Williams had the best seat in the house. This is the story from his perspective.
As long as there have been concerts, there have been surly, tattooed guys in black shirts, clearly emblazoned with the word “Security,” who are charged with informing reefer-smoking concertgoers to “put it out.” Williams found himself in just such a crowd, confronted by security officers who lacked any markings denoting them as such.

One of the members of the anonymous security staff had noticed the distinct smell or a telltale cloud of smoke coming from where Williams was standing. Williams recalls that one of the security personnel, along with an unidentified and aggressive associate, moved forcefully toward the group of people he was with, demanding that they extinguish the contraband immediately. Williams replied that he wasn’t smoking. He implied that it was coming from the crowd in front of them and raised his empty hands in a “see, it’s not me” gesture. Someone in the crowd near Williams made a boisterously pro-marijuana statement. That was when, according to several eyewitnesses, the unidentified associate of the security volunteer responded with his fists. Williams emphasizes that the person throwing fists appeared to be an average concertgoer. As the fight ensued, Williams stepped in to separate what appeared to be an average thug and his victim. After the fight was broken up, Williams, on the guest list as a VIP, sought out the concert promoter to make sure everything was cool and calm.

Williams then proceeded back into the gym to enjoy the rest of the show. A few minutes later, Evergreen police officer April Meyers responded to the disturbance call and conferred with someone who fingered Williams as the instigator. She then went into the venue and took him into custody, telling him that he was under arrest for suspicion of assault. It was at this time that the men onstage informed the crowd of the situation and encouraged them to organize and gather information, including names and badge numbers, to ensure that nothing unjust was being done to the man being arrested.

Williams, an African-American and well-respected B-Boy in the greater Puget Sound area, was handcuffed and placed in the back of the car while the officer took statements from the “security volunteer,” his unidentified associate, and another unidentified female, all Caucasian. The female allegedly fingered Williams for a separate assault during the ruckus, a charge Williams sternly denies.

“I was raised in a house full of women,” says Williams. “My mother would kill me if I hit a woman.”

While Meyers was gathering statements from the accusers, several attendees started congregating around the police cruiser demanding information.  Many were calling for the release of Williams. As the concert ended, several hundred people flooded the exits only to see a swelling disturbance around a cop car. The Evergreen State College is renowned as an aggressively Socratic institution with learning processes heavily weighted toward self-reliance, pushing boundaries, gathering facts and breaking form. It is also not the kind of place where passive onlookers slowly shuffle past a disturbance. These principles, mixed with the restless idealism of youth and the powerful message in Dead Prez’s music, presented an opportunity to employ those ideals in a real setting, apparently.  

As the crowd of concerned onlookers grew, Meyers did what any smart cop would do — She called for backup. As the tension mounted and the fervor of the crowd increased, the officers on the scene decided it would be in the best interest of public safety to gather Williams’ information, release him, and contact him for a statement at a later date. Struggling to mount her car, the officer announced amid the deafening chant of “Let Him Go!” that she was indeed releasing Williams. Watching all of this through the glass partition in the back of the squad car, Williams was trying to grasp the gravity of his at least temporary vindication. “I just kept thinking, ‘wow, this is so much love right now, Evergreen,’“ he recalls. “They’ve come to get me out.” As Williams was let out of the backseat and released from the handcuffs, a cadre of riot police made their move to disperse the crowd.

One eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous, had been acting as a go-between, trying to calm the crowd enough to talk to the officers and get information. He recalls the beginning of the melee with a grimace. “They came in swinging nightsticks and macing everybody. I was lucky to be where I was,” he says. “I would have been crushed if I wasn’t on the opposite side of the car.”

For Williams, the joy of freedom was short-lived as panic took over and the scene disintegrated into screaming and chaos.

“I was halfway up the hill when I realized that the cops still had my wallet,” says Williams.

Venturing back toward the car, he was confronted by an officer in full riot gear who told him to leave immediately, threatening him with a mace cannon mere inches from his face. Stunned and speechless, Williams decided to return the next day and retrieve the wallet.

Six days later on Feb. 20, much to his bewilderment, Williams was charged with fourth degree misdemeanor assault and told to come and give his statement about the alleged assault.

He steadfastly maintains his innocence.

“I just don’t get it. I tried to break up a fight, and they’re charging me with assault. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Williams is due to be arraigned March 10 in Thurston County District Court.

==========================End of Story-======================================

This story was written by Owen Taylor
and titled:  The real story behind the Evergreen Riot

It first appeared in the Volcano Weekly.

Members of the Radical Freeschool Radio Show were at that Dead Prez Show and had a radio broadcast about the riot available online.  To listen to that Radio Broadcast and to see photos and read an article written about it by a member of the Radical Freeschool radio Show Collective, please click here.

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice."
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?' But, conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right."
--  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
  --  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Love, Peace. Solidarity,

-The Radical Freeschool Radio Show Collective

To learn more about free classes offered at the freeschool please visit:



Photo: Owen Taylor
EVERGREEN RIOT: Kaylen Williams reflects on his Valentine’s Day life massacre.


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The Winning Lasses (Olympia)
"pop music for weary hearts and livers" 

The Winning lasses Band members are Kristyn Leach, Jason Marrero (facilitator of Study Hall at the freeschool on Monday and Fridays), Alex Maslansky, Warren Lee, Mona Tougas, Christopher Son, and friends.


Redbear (Olympia)

All Ages, $3 - $5. No one turned away for lack of funds.

In Latin America
Orca Books
509 4th Avenue
Downtown Olympia

Robin Hahnel is one of the formost political economists in the United States. He has visited Latin America many times and is a Professor of Economics at American University. Robin is also the major writer and theoretician on Participatory Economics, and is the author of several books including Economic Justice and Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation and The ABCs of Political Economy.

(Sponsored by the Ever green Center for Radical Education
 Co-Sponsored by Olympia SDS, OMJP, and CISPES
 For more info, email radicaleducation@riseup.net)

(also, please forgive the late notice, I misplaced my flyer on this event until today...: /)


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