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freeschoollove's Journal

Share Info about Freeschools & Anything Else Here
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Share Info about Freeschools & Anything Else Here
Everyone worldwide is welcome to post entries to this open community and/or place comments on all entries (anonymous or leave your name). This is an open community blog encouraging discussion and international networking of all topics (especially freeschool related information but we welcome conversation about anything else as well).

For more info see the Freeschool Community www.freeschoolcommunity.org

This open community blog was especially formed for those who feel

* Learning occurs throughout our lifetimes and that the learning process can become a constant source of renewal and growth.
* Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student.
* All people should have access to education without money as an obstacle
* Providing learning opportunities in a free, open and non-hierarchical environment
* Community members had a great deal of knowledge to share, and that Free School could offer a new learning experience in return.

Here you will find the website for the Freeschool Community

( Click here and click to 'Natural Learning' to print out the most recent issue of ( Natural Learning, Olympia Freeschool's publication which has class schedules for many free of charge classes taking place at Olympia Freeschool.

Here you will find the website for Radical Caring, the People's Empowerment publication. Radical Caring is the copyleft, international activist and
communities publication dedicated to Encouraging, Inspiring, Networking, Celebrating and Remembering Activists and Communities Worldwide. This publications has activist artwork and photogalleries. Awards given to
photographers and artists. Free print and online photo-classifieds for
free events, communities ( diversa-villages, ecovillages, intentional communities, squats, tent cities, collectives,etc.,) that are seeking new
members, activists obituaries, and infoshops/zine libraries. Submit free
photo-classifieds only by email or by the Radical Caring website's free
photoclassifieds section.

Here you will find the website for the A World Beyond Capitalism Conference.
To open the page in a separate window click click here or to go directly to the conference site click here. It is an Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference. No registration or pre-registration is necessary for the conference. The conference does not charge anyone for any services. No one will be turned away. The keynote speaker's night, all workshops, meals, tea, coffee, all festivals, community childcare, camping space and exhibition space in the International Grassroots and Networking Exhibition are all completely free of charge.

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